Bedtime Stories

Urland / Productiehuis Rotterdam

“Lilly [Thomas Dudkiewicz], is a young girl blessed with an extraordinary lineage. Her father, Max [Thomas Dudkiewicz] and her grandfather, George [Thomas Dudkiewicz] are both gifted storytellers. Every night, before bed, she gets to wander off into an unexplored universe created solely for her. Unforeseen events throw these three generations into a twirling journey through both universes. The final story. The one that lasts a lifetime.”


Thomas Dudkiewicz is an artist who has delved deep into the realm of films, games and books. His writing is inspired by literally every genre. This piece, a coming of age radio play in theatre is one of many explorations and experiments to discover the power behind the narrative.

performed by Thomas Dudkiewicz
sound Jimi Zoet & Tomas Loos
light Marijn Alexander de Jong
technique Aram Visser
writing coach Joachim Robbrecht