6 t/m 16 september — Amsterdam
© Phile Deprez

De man in Europe

Stichting Nieuwe Helden/Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Assaults on European territory, closing borders and refugees stuffed in trains. There is a pressure on European society that we cannot deny anymore. The developments that our continent is dealing with, are at the base of De Man in Europe. For this solo-performance Lucas De Man travelled through Europe, visiting 17 cities in 8 countries and conducting interviews with more than 20 creators that are rooting for change and are all working on remodel-ling the society that they live in. Back here in the Netherlands, Lucas takes you with him on his journey and through Europe’s history. Lucas will guide you through the main insights and controversies of a new generation of Europeans.

concept | directing | performance Lucas De Man
video-editing | directing Ruut van der Beele
camera Ton Vorselaars, Pepijn Robben
dramaturgy | project coordination Kimberly Major
jounalistic support Tomas Vanheste
directing assistance Tom Dijkstra
technique Maarten Snoeck
with cooperation from Matthijs Rümke, Hans Trapman, Jonas Staal, Jan van der Stock, Simon Allemeersch, Lieven de Cauter, Michal Targowski, Slawomir Sierakowski, Miasto Jest Nasze, Giorgio de Finis, Niccolo Capponi, mmm… EL Campo de Cebada, Christian Utpatel, Social Muscle Club, E.A. wetenschappers, kunstenaars en visionairs uit Nederland, België, Duitsland, Polen, Spanje, Italië, Turkije en Griekenland