6 t/m 16 september — Amsterdam



ISH is going back to where it all began: urban arts in theatre. Elements of Freestyle is a spectacular show featuring skate, freerunning and BMX, among other things, that provides a fresh look at urban arts. Artistic director Marco Gerris (ex-jury member of The Freestyle Games and So You Think You Can Dance) finds lots of inspiration in the pure movement of urban arts. He is unparalleled at seeing the poetry in every movement. No matter whether you’re gliding through the air on ballet shoes or on skates – to him, it’s all dance. Elements of Freestyle is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed. About the freestyler’s total focus, ecstasy and feeling of freedom. In a succession of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning, the audience discovers the art behind the trick.

Direction Marco Gerris
Cast Luis Alkmim (Freerunning), Galdino Haime (Freestyle basketball), Sven Boekhorst (Inline skating), Jelle Briggeman (Inline skating), Jörg Brinkmann (Cello), Denden Karadeniz (Breakdance), Thomas Krikken (Breakdance), Bart van der Linden (Freerunning), Dez Maarsen (BMX Flatland), Ben Mathot (Violin), Arnold Put (Breakdance), Pim Wouters (Skateboard)
Dramaturgy | assistant director Arnout Lems
Composition Rik Ronner, Jörg Brinkmann and Ben Mathot
Set design Jerry Beckers – Solos International
Set graphic design Donald Beekman – DBXL
Lighting design Mike den Ottolander