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Forever Young

Frascati Producties / Marijn Brussaard

Marijn Brussaard transforms to his alter ego Young Ludo for his show Forever Young. With his auto-tune distorted voice he creates a concert full of stimulating beats, where you can hear the curious symbolism of the American hip-hop and rap scene. In his performance, where he refers to legends as Drake, Kanye West and DJ Khaled, Brussaard unravels the almost religiously glorification of a superstar and the loneliness that underlies it.

It is a sharp and humoristic parody of rap-culture, but at the same time an ode to the energy, theatricality and boldness of this genre.

concept | text | performance Marijn Brussaard
scenography Nikki Hock
advice Bianca van der Schoot
dramaturgy Berthe Spoelstra
production Frascati Producties
circuit x