6 t/m 16 september — Amsterdam


De Dansers

Like children raging over the playground, that’s how the three performers of Pokon storm the stage. Give them some furniture, a ladder, a guitar and some plants, and let’s pretend that you ARE allowed to run, climb, lose attention and get dirty. What follows is a whirling, twirling, hiccuping, tumbling, rumbling and singing stream of playful necessity. Even though we are sometimes a little stuck –in a table, a ladder or again those persistent rules – Pokon is unstoppable. With Pokon, De Dansers bring an ode to playing. All animals play in order togrow – the same goes for humans. A performance full of movement, rythm, fantasy and friendship, for children and grown-ups who can’t keep still.

Choreography Josephine van Rheenen
Cast Stephan Bikker, Guy Corneille, Noemi Wagner
Composition Guy Corneille
lighting design Marco Chardon
dramaturgy Francisca Rijken
Website: dedansers.com/